Dedicated to the IT sector

We find your top notch executive that keeps up within a fast changing environment, guide executives to new exciting career opportunities by our one to one talks and give in-house corporate trainings

Top IT companies find their executives through Esti Search

Our clients are large corporates such as Accenture, Capgemini, household names like Holland Casino and Infradata, scale-ups like Patchman

Head Hunting

Most positions require us to search for the needle in the haystack. We are committed to find this ‘needle’ for you and go far beyond the extra mile to find the best fit. Our mediation begins with a thorough analysis of the requirements. A clear job description and personal profile create a list of suitable candidates. We ask the candidates for their personal commitment. This way, negotiations with the ideal candidate can start immediately.

Meet & Greet

Our approach allows you and your company to recruit top talent in an extremely effective and efficient manner. During the Meet & Greet we will introduce you to at least four well-qualified and committed candidates in our offices at a speed which no other recruitment firm can match. This ingredient to successful placements is one of the reasons why our clients keep coming back to Esti executives.

Esti executives talks

Successfully into your new future

Career Program

This program supports you in all stages with unorthodox methods, tailored to each individual. Your wishes and your personal bottlenecks are key. Your partners are experienced executives, so you talk to your own peers until your new future has been realized

People in Transition

Mobility can be a consequence of anticipating business evolutions. It can also feel as if lightning just struck. In such far-reaching moments in your career, we recognize a number of stages: Awareness, Saying goodbye to your old life, Preparing for your new future ( i.a. personal branding, networking), Realization of your new future.

Opportunity Acquisition

We create meetings with your potential new employer. Often they are already in our network , just as often we find them especially for you. We coach, guide and prepare every opportunity call in detail. Our network, built up in the past 20 years, is at your service.

Esti executives trainings

An innovative way of looking at management style improvement


In an interconnected world it is important to increase our understanding of leadership and improve our management style. Based on current case studies, we reinforce those qualities that are vital to management.


The reality of today is that different nationalities work together in the same team. Different cultural backgrounds can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding. In this workshop we learn to bridge these gaps and find common grounds.


To keep up with the speed of innovation the war on talent is on. In this program the leaders of today learn to guide the phases of change, to deal with opposition and to deal with emotions moving forward to an international workforce.

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About us

Specialised in IT positions

The people at Esti have a great eye for quality of service and speed of addressing the needs of the client. This led to the agency growing to a mid-sized company today.

Mission and Vision

Esti strengthens the market position of its clients by supplying human capital with clear added value. We do this from the basic principle of focusing on the ideal match for both employer and employee.

Driven by market demand

Specialisations were added to the portfolio of services, in the domains talks and trainings became an integrated part of Esti's services focused on Internationalisation and Digital Transformation.

Our team

Our executives have extensive and specialised backgrounds in the IT industry. They offer our clients and candidates both depth and breadth in their knowledge and are passionate to support you in all your HR Management needs and wants.

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