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Companies with international employees prove to be more innovative

Research firm Panteia proved that entrepreneurs in SMEs who employ foreign workers are more innovative than companies without employees of different nationalities.

Here are the results:

Only a small minority (one in eight) of SMEs has employees who do not have the Dutch nationality. Half of these foreign workers come from the same country. In one in five from two different countries. The rest of the companies are even more multinational.

Panteia states that statistically speaking, the presence of foreigners doesn’t necessary go hand in hand with innovation, but SMEs with foreign workers are overall larger and active in the industry. These two factors are actually important for innovation.


Company processes
In de mean time, the entrepreneurs argue that the presence of other nationalities does indeed work positively on innovation.  They state that presence of internationals improve the quality of service and even their business processes.

Fresh look
According to researcher Anne Bruin at P & O Actueel, the explanation for this could be found in the fact that people with a different cultural background bring new and refreshing views on things. Bruins states that because of other experiences, they usually asked the following question: ‘Why do we actually do this?’ Which in turn help te develop new company strategies and products. Furthermore International professionals can open up markets and generate new business.

Contribution Esti

The Netherlands attracts a lot of international professionals. This is a favourable development because there is a great demand as the Dutch labour market can no longer cope with the growing need for talent. This has become a huge challenge also for IT-companies. Esti makes a contribution to the solution by recruiting international IT-specialists to the Netherlands. It is of the upmost importance to us that the professionals  stay in the NL for a longer period of time. That’s why we, apart from recruitment, also support and supervise these newcomers in creating their own place in the Netherlands.