Amsterdam area second globally in number of foreign investment projects

Amsterdam area second globally in number of foreign investment projects

The IBM Global Location Trends annual report ranks the Amsterdam area second in number of investment projects, second in number of jobs generated and fourth in attracting high-value projects.

Amsterdam area second globally in number of investment projects

The annual IBM Global Locations Trend report has ranked the Amsterdam-Rotterdam metropolitan area (covering the Randstad) second worldwide in the number of foreign direct investment projects attracted (with 168 projects), up from third last year. The Randstad region includes Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam. Amsterdam’s investment in ICT, amongst other sectors, has made it a top destination for foreign investors, especially tech investors.

Amsterdam area fourth globally in attracting high-value projects

Investment projects are a better metric to assess foreign direct investment than the traditional capital flows data published by UN, as they show a clear location-related decision being made. The value of these projects is also a useful metric, especially when compared to the number of jobs created. In this regard, the Netherlands ranks third in Europe (and fourth globally), with Ireland and Denmark taking the top two spots respectively.

Amsterdam area second in number of jobs generated

The Amsterdam area has taken second place in number of jobs generated, with 8,700 jobs, with the first spot going to London at 12,100 jobs. While political shifts and disruptive technologies continue to create uncertainty, international market access opportunities and global supply chains are expected to continue driving foreign investment activity. In fact, global foreign direct investment has seen a considerable increase of 10% in this report, as measured by the number of created jobs.

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