How do you get your mobile life to stay? IT Recruitment Amsterdam

How do you get mobile staff to stay?

The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere

By Diane Lemieux

‘Expatriates arrive with two suitcases,’ says Simon Gringod, General Manager of a Legacy Hotels and Resorts boutique hotel. ‘They go to work and come back to the hotel where things are organised and simple.” He has witnessed that early transition period of many international employees. Some arrived prepared for their new jobs but not for the challenge of setting up a life outside of work. He has had guests delay their day of departure for weeks.

For global mobility managers and recruiters, that initial transition period for new newly arrived employees is key. All the studies on international mobility show that failure of the employee, or of his or her family, to settle at their destination is the most common cause of an early termination of their assignment. To be successful, expatriates need the personal skills, determination and knowledge to consciously rebuild their life overseas.

The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere is a book that addresses the issues of adjustment and transition. It accompanies international talent through the process of resettling by developing their ability to manage personal change and lead their families through transition. Darren Huston, previous Chief Executive Officer of Booking.com says that the book is ‘a fascinating read that turns the standard view of culture shock on its head with the idea that we can use business skills to successfully move. A must for anyone looking for effective & practical strategies to manage the relocation experience.’

The book is based on change management theories and practices, and is written in a compelling and easy-to-read style. The story of a famous 20th century explorer ensures that the reader is hooked from start to finish. Markus Droll, Executive Vice President, Projects in Shell International says, ‘The Mobile Life encourages readers to better understand their own motives for an international move fostering a more positive state of mind – an essential ingredient for surviving an often challenging experience.
‘I found the book both entertaining as well as thought provoking.’

From the point of view of HR global mobility managers, a book is a low-cost support tool that can help ease newcomers to the Netherlands long after initial introductions are made. When Carolina de Souza landed in Amsterdam, she didn’t speak English, had never heard a word of Dutch, and had only the vaguest notion of what the Netherlands was like. And she had no idea of how to adjust to living in another country. In her first week, Booking.com arranged a workshop based on The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere.

“What I learned from the book, The Mobile Life, is to be a project manager for my own life. Now, I’m living a dream, a dream that I never dreamed of having.’

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