Workforce: Changing attitudes, New opportunities – IT recruitment Amsterdam

By Martijn Smit, Managing Director at Accenture and member of the Dutch leadership Tea, responsible for the technology practice in the Netherlands


To win the war for talent, we must first understand what tomorrow ́s talented professionals actually want. Over the past 20 years, societal attitudes toward work have changed dramatically. Once upon a time, working for a company long-term was the logical thing to do. Now, many professionals favoring personal flexibility and adaptability over lifelong employment. This is corroborated by trends we see in workforce statistics.

During the 1980s, approximately 80% of all employees worked for the same employer for upwards of 15 years. Nowadays, 60% of the workforce switches employers after only four. This is a sea change, pure and simple. What was once derided as job-hopping has become the new normal.

These statistics shed valuable light on the workforce of the future. All throughout the world, there are clear upward trends to more flexible outlook on talent. Further complicating matters, job security is no longer the potent motivator it once was. Modern professionals prefer flexibility, freedom and substantive challenges over long-term contracts.

Most of all, tapping into the power of the future workforce means having an open mind and a strong vision. For startups, this is not an issue. They can capitalize on today’s workforce trends immediately. In traditional organisations, however, the ability to absorb trends on short notice is severely reduced by their size and existing business profile and established methods.

These challenges can be surmounted, of course, but this is not just another assignment. Overcoming the inertia of existing models and integrating new workforce trends into the core of the company will take passion and commitment. To achieve that, you need a true believer, somebody who with the vision necessary to guide such a transition. With the right ambassador, any business can benefit from these opportunities, no matter its age. One thing is certain, though: your organisation will only be able to attract the right people if it can get with the times. Embrace the workforce revolution. Dare to involve young talent in these transformations. After all, nobody understands the new generation of experts better than they do.

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